Call for Proposals: Hosting SANORD 2023 and 2024 Annual Conferences
Documentary Launch: Ageism in the time of COVID-19
The call for Workshops for SASUF Goes Digital is open!

SASUF Goes Digital will provide opportunities for researchers, students, associate partners to SASUF, as well as university leadership to come together, share research, methods, and ideas, and strengthen international collaborations between South Africa and Sweden. The event is an opportunity to present ideas, ambition, and interests for collaborations, and to connect with likeminded individuals from Sweden as well as South Africa. The entire event will be held virtually

Applications close on 21st of Aug 2022.
Timeline for SASUF 2022-2024

The current three-year project plan will consist of one main event each year:

  • 2022: SASUF Goes Digital, 19-23 September.
  • 2023: Research and Innovation Week in South Africa, 27-31 March.
  • 2024: Research and Innovation Week in Sweden, May.
Partner Universities in SASUF

To access the list of all 38 partner universities that are included in the SASUF network, please find it here.

Collaboration Projects that have been initiated through SASUF

During the first three year of SASUF collaboration, there were a total of 70 projects that managed to get funding from SASUF. All these collaboration projects consist of at least four partner universities (two from each country). To access the list of all 70 projects, please find it here. The categorization that you will find at the webpage stems from the thematic categorization from the first project phase (2018-2020).

For more information please contact

Helin Bäckman Kartal, Project Coordinator at the Unit for Global Partnerships
Division for Internationalisation