SANORD Special interest Group for SDG 9 United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 9 aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.

These aims include inclusive and sustainable industrialisation together with innovation and infrastructure. The purpose is to unleash dynamic and competitive economic forces, to generate employment and income, to promote new technologies, to facilitate international trade as well as to enable the efficient use of resources.

As the innovation in this group is defined in the very broad and multidisciplinary way – in addition to the technological innovations – innovation can also be e.g. social innovation. It can, for example, be a product, service, mode of organization or even a new area for modified activities.

Are you interested to join?

As the group is recently established, any new ideas, new active members and new input for joint activities and projects are welcome! The SIG 8 coordinating team at the University of Turku is encouraging anyone interested to join the group for future development of joint activities and projects as well as to share information in this platform.

To join and receive information and invitation to the on-line meetings, please add your contact information and give the coordinator team at the University of Turku and it’s FAPI network permissions to add you to the SIG 9 communication platforms here:

SANORD Teacher Education Partners

SIG coordinator: Gerd Wikan


Administration of Internationalization: Best Practice

SIG coordinator: Elin Kvaale


Tourism and the SDG’s

SIG coordinator: Jarkko Saarinen


Tourism is an important and growing sector of the economy in many parts of Global South. The sector is recognized as a vehicle for social and economic development, local empowerment and poverty reduction. While tourism has a great potential for income and employment creation, the growth of tourism comes with its own set of risks and impacts for destinations. Thus, there is a critical need for sustainability thinking in tourism studies and education. The Special Interest Group 6 – Tourism and the SDG’s – aims to activate research and education that considers the integration of SDGs to tourism development and how to make tourism more inclusive, responsible, and resilient in the future.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SIG coordinator: Kirsi Korpela


Equity, Africa and collaboration for the SDG’s in the global South

SIG coordinator: Roseanna Avento


Capacitation, Empowerment and the Next Generation Scholar

SIG coordinator: Irinja Paakkanen


Gender equality

SIG coordinator: Moleyane Refilwe


Creating an enabling enviroment for student innovation and sustainable enterprise development in the era of Digilization

Educator: Jimmy Mohaleirinj