SANORD 2022 Conference at University of Limpopo
Jaydi Charles 2020 Brian O’Connell Scholarship(BOC) recipient.

SDG Conference Bergen 2022: Ways of knowing, modes of living

9–11 February 2022

Conference participation is free of charge and open to all!

The challenges and existential threats that underlie the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demand action. What kind of action? Which ways of knowing should guide it? If the goals, targets, and indicators of the 2030 Agenda are designed within the framework of modern science, can this framework successfully accommodate plural ways of knowing? How can we leverage other ways of knowing in the quest for sustainable development?

The 5th annual SDG Conference Bergen will trace paths within and among different ways of knowing to explore the transformative ambition of the 2030 Agenda. Conference speakers will include speakers from around the world with representation from academia, government, civil society, the arts, industry, and others.

Keynotes include Andy Stirling (University of Sussex), Gabriele Bammer (Australian National University), Karen O’Brien (University of Oslo) and Tim Lenton (University of Exeter).