A ship full of students
2023 Conference Host Announced


The Statsraad Lehmkuhl, a Norwegian sailing vessel, is sailing around the world as part of the One Ocean Expedition.

The objective is to raise awareness and share knowledge about the ocean & critical contribution to a sustainable global development.

The expedition is a recognized part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development:

  • 14 – Life below water
  • 13 – Climate action
  • 4 – Quality Education
  • 17 – Partnership for the goals.

The SANORD Beach Clean-up in association with the University of the Western Cape, The Norwegian embassy and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences took place on 14 January in honour of the work and research being done on the tall ship. The venue for the beach clean was Black River park which is a highly polluted area as tons of plastic and waste wash up on these shores.

As The expedition aims to share knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of the ocean for our common, sustainable future as was the driving motivation behind the clean-up.

Taking care of your coastline is an act of conservation, not a chore. Coastal cleanups is our way of giving back to the ocean and our planet.