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SANORD 2018 CONFERENCE – Registration Open
The 11th International SANORD conference was organized by the University of Jyväskylä (JYU), Finland on 15-17 August, 2018. The conference venue was held at Agora Building, Mattilanniemi campus.

The theme of the conference was Academic Citizenship: Recognition, Resilience or Resistance? with the following sub-themes:

  • South-North partnerships for sustainable development
  • Promoting human development, health and well-being
  • Academic partnerships and decolonization of knowledge
  • Education for social justice, equity and equality
  • Innovations and digital solutions for education and societies
  • Teaching and teacher education
  • Arts and culture in human development and education
  • Partnerships between educational institutions and communities

The SANORD 2018 conference attracted a record number of delegates to Jyväskylä – 199 registered participants (65 from Finland, including international students and staff at Finnish universities and
organisations) from 15 different countries and over 40 different institutions and organizations. The call for papers for Jyväskylä conference was announced at Victoria Falls Conference in Zimbabwe
in December 2017. The JYU scientific committee received altogether 155 proposals via online submission system and by email. Only 1 submission was rejected as the proposal was not in line with
the conference theme.

  • Academic paper 108
  • Policy and/or practice paper 22
  • Symposia 2
  • SIG 6
  • Workshop or panel session 17

Total:  155

Out of all submissions, the conference programme included:
  • 4 keynote speakers
  • 1 keynote speakers ́ panel
  • 68 paper presentations
  • 2 symposia
  • 3 Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings
  • 10 workshops or panel sessions