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Dear SANORD member

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in many tragic deaths, much anxiety and nationwide lockdowns, to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, and contain the spread and human costs of the pandemic. SANORD supports all our nations targeted interventions to protect the health, livelihood and safety of the citizenry.  

The pandemic spells an unprecedented public health crisis in recent world history, accompanied by an array of emotional, family, social, occupational, institutional and economic impacts that bear on all of us. It is in this very moment, too, that our fraternity is looked upon to assume leadership, composure and considered action as we rise to the call to share our skills, resources and wisdom, and act in solidarity in service of the collective health and well-being of our countries. This is a moment when we will likely be asked to fulfill multiple roles and responsibilities – to provide care and compassion, foster a sense of safety and security, reduce negative emotional contagion, promote community connectedness, offer reliable information, and advocate for just outcomes for all. In this time, we will also need to remember to hold space for ourselves as we simultaneously support our members, colleagues and loved ones. 


As the SANORD Central Officewe want to assure our members that our service to you remains a priority. We are committed to navigating the current crisis, and implementing necessary plans in ways that allow us to continue to support you, engage with you, and uphold the network’s vision and mission. We hope that we can also draw on your expertise and strength as we work collectively towards ensuring the best possible outcomes during this pandemic for the multiple service users and publics whom we serve.

We will continue to communicate with you through the SANORD Central Office, which remains operational. In the meanwhile, please feel free to direct any queries or requests that you may have to SANORD Administrator, Maureen Davis at

We trust that we will prevail in the face of one of the most serious health crises to ever face not only our own countries, but the world.

In Solidarity.
SANORD leadership

Dear all friends of the SANORD community. 

The organising committee follows the pandemic situation closely. Many of us in the SANORD community are now busy working around challenges and solutions for our respective campuses, and for many the work situation has been challenged by the situation. 

As of now, we plan to organise SANORD 2021 6-? September, as scheduled. We will, however, adjust if governmental and institutional advice informs us otherwise. This will be clarified at a later stage, and we will keep you updated here. 

We sincerely hope to see you in a healthy Bergen in September! 

Stay healthy,

The SANORD 2020 team

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