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2018 Theme Group Projects - Call for Proposals now open


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for SEED FUNDING ___________________________________________________________________________________________


SANORD is committed to a Seed Funding Programme that furthers North–South research collaborations between partners, capacity building initiatives and scholarly engagement.


The SANORD Board makes seed funding available for Research Theme Group leaders to organise seminars, conferences and other activities directly related to their North-South multilateral cooperation and to build networks that significantly contribute to realising the objectives of the organisation. The SANORD Board will make funds available to be used for travel, accommodation, logistical expenses and research outputs. Applications will be considered for funding up to ZAR 60 000.00 (Sixty Thousand South African Rands).


This Call for Proposals is open to all SANORD members to collaborate with at least two (2) other SANORD partners to form a partnership (at least one partner must be either from the North or Southern region, e.g. North/South plus any other within SANORD. You are also free to involve partners outside of SANORD besides the minimum of three (3) SANORD members). SANORD encourages all regional collaboration between North-South member institutions but is particularly interested in applications, which reflect cross-disciplinary approaches and multilateral collaboration. SANORD also favours partnerships that include members from the SADC region, women and people with disabilities.


Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

1. The application supports relevance to SANORD goals, objectives and the SANORD Strategy 2022​

2. The application supports a multilateral collaboration (at least three (3) SANORD members must be included); or the project plan supports the expansion of multilateral collaborations to include further collaborations within SANORD.

3. The application demonstrates a commitment to future collaborations and/or envisaged joint publications and/or future academic activities and/or possibilities of MoU/MoA.

4. The application reflects the sustainability of the project. Joint partners are encouraged to seek further funding opportunities other than SANORD and include proof thereof.

5. The Applicant shows a keen interest to participate and present the research findings at our next SANORD conferences, or an academic event on its campuses and with an accredited scholarly publication that is widely disseminated.


• The partners should jointly submit a Letter of Motivation describing the key goals and objectives of the project and ultimate outcomes (e.g. Joint Publication.)

• The joint partners should submit a proposed budget that will be used effectively in line with the theme project goals and objectives/outcomes.


Due date for online applications: 1 September 2018.

Announcement date: 30 September 2018.


The SANORD Central Office will:
• Submit all applications to the Nominations Committee (NC) for consideration and recommendation to the Board;
• Notify applicants via email of the Board’s final decision.


The Board requires the research leader to be accountable for the following:
1. Submit a summarised narrative report (no longer than 1200 words) describing the activities, research goals achieved, the benefits derived.
2. Submit a detailed financial report on expenditure.
3. Publish the research in a scholarly publication and share the research widely.
4. Acknowledge SANORD’s support in any publication or presentation of the research.


SANORD reserves the right to the following:
• Incomplete forms will not be considered
• Late applications will not be permitted
• Not to disburse funds according to the committee’s discretion.

All enquiries should be directed to:


Telephone: SANORD Central Office: +27 21 959 3802/3811

For online applications, please click the following link:

An automatic email will be send to:​

The following is a list of all required information to be considered for selection.
1. Application form must be completed with all the required fields. The application must include at least include two (2) SANORD partners, the third can be a non-SANORD member
2. Maximum of three (3) project partners from different universities
3. Letter of Motivation
4. Project Budget
5. Proposed scholarly research outputs.