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The SANORD Council consists of all member institutions. The Council meets annually and has the responsibility for policies and strategic decisions, approval of plans and budgets and annual and financial reports. The Council elects Chair and Vice-Chair every second year, the positions rotating between the regions. >Council Members 


The Board is elected by and reports to the SANORD Council. The Board meets quarterly, three times through teleconferences and one time in a physical meeting held in conjunction with an academic event and the annual Council meeting. The Board consists of the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson and 6 other members of the Council for a period of two years.
>Board Members

Every three years the Council appoints a Nomination Committee consisting of 6 members. >Nomination Committee

The SANORD Conference committee in conjunction with the host university’s Local Organizing Committee is responsible for the planning and organizing of the bi-annual international conference and bi-annual symposiums. >Conference Committee​